Wedding Receptions


After months of planning the most important social event of your life, you expect the atmosphere for your wedding reception to be perfect.  Think about the weddings you have been to in your life. Was it the food that kept you there? Did you stay because of how good the cake tasted? Chances are it was the entertainment that kept you at the reception and made the evening memorable. A great entertainer keeps a party alive!  Imagine how much better the photos and video will look if the party is energized and the guests are involved and enjoying themselves.

A wonderful wedding reception happens by design.  Randal and his staff meet with their clients as much as needed to make sure that all your wishes will be realized.  The entire reception from the moment the first guest arrives until the last guest leaves is visualized.

example of reception itinerary:

  • guests arrive
  • cocktails / hors d’oeuvres
  • reveal of ballroom
  • announcement of wedding party
  • bride & groom first dance
  • bride & groom welcome
  • blessing
  • seated dinner / buffet
  • father/daughter dance
  • mother/son dance
  • open dance floor
  • cake cutting
  • toasts
  • bouquet toss
  • garter toss
  • last dance
  • bride & groom’s great escape

In addition to helping a bride plan the entertainment at the reception, Randal will also act as coordinator to make sure that the flow happens naturally. This means taking care of all the details of “what comes next” so that you and your family may enjoy the night.

Great music is part of a great celebration.  Randal has a sixth-sense when it comes to choosing the right music for your guests. Randal will also get to know the personalities of the bride and groom and their families during the planning process to make sure their requests are available at the reception.

Randal is a true master of ceremonies.  Guests that feel as if they are helping you celebrate will stay the entire evening and never realize where the time has gone. The most common stories from brides in our meetings start with, “at the last wedding we attended nobody knew when the cake was going to be cut.”

Randal leads the evening without ever bringing the spotlight upon himself.

Randal will explain the lengths that he goes to in making sure that everyone can hear announcements and more important, toasts.

Time flies when you’re having fun and your reception will seem like the shortest four hours ever.  At the end of the evening, you’ll know you made the right decision on entertainment and your guests will thank you.  We thank you too and appreciate the opportunity to make your special day all that it can be…