Dallas/Fort Worth MC/DJ Randal Stout

about me

Hi, I’m Randal and I hate boring parties.   In fact, if you want me to do one, I’ll say no.  I don’t care how much you pay me, life is too short.  They are painful and people leave early, and that is not what I do.  You want people to stay and I want people to stay…  And dance, and have fun and be social and say, “Wow, this is the best party we’ve ever been to.” And, “Where did you find this disc jockey, he’s awesome!”

When I started doing this, I didn’t know it would end up being a career, but God gave me a talent and several years later, I’m still loving it.  I’ve been able to make a living and earn some awards, how cool is that?

about you

You’re a hip and trendy person, wanting a party that’s going to be off the hook.  You want to make sure it’s formal, but after dinner, it’s a real party, filled with dancing and people having a great time.

I know this is supposed to be about me, but really it is all about you.  Because even though I have pride in each party that I do, I can’t have any ego or I won’t stay in business.  Why?  Because it’s all about you.  I spend a lot of time getting to know you and your needs.  In fact, I’ve even become a certified wedding planner because I understand how much planning makes the difference.  It also helps me work better whenever we’re helping with a wedding and there is a planner involved–no, I don’t do what they do, but I do respect them and know the amount of work that goes in to making your wedding or event successful.

So I need to know what kind of party you’re having, whether it be a birthday party for 30, a wedding for 150 or a corporate event for 6,000 people.  Because we want them walking away saying it was the best party they’ve ever been to.  That is the best feeling in the world, when you talk to someone after their event and they say people are still talking about it, a year or two years later!


I have been able to do this as a career now for eleven years and before that, it was a part time job for another eleven.  In that time, I’ve done close to 1,400 parties.  The best part about saying that is that it wasn’t the same party 1,400 times.  Each party is different and requires me to stretch and become a better performer.  There are so many new trends and new ideas, today’s party isn’t the same as two years ago or even last year.

I’ve received an award from Wedding Wire for the amount of reviews that we received.  I’ve been nominated for the My Favorite Vendor “Vendi” Award for the past six years by the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners  and won it a few years ago in 2010.  When I first went full time back in 2001, I started the local chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association so that we could train all the local disc jockeys to do better and bring the standards up in our profession.


When it comes to the actual party, my strength is the ability to read people and connect with them.  I said I’m a disc jockey and a master of ceremonies, but really, an entertainer and a motivator.  If we need guests out of their chairs, let’s make it fun and give them a reason to have fun with us.

What separates all the disc jockeys around the area are talent, personality and price, and I hope that we are a match for each other.  The only way to know is for us to meet (or at least talk on the phone for a while.)  So pick up the phone and call me.  Yes, call me.  I promise it’s worth it.


More than the average, but its worth it.  We guarantee it.

On a Friday or a Sunday, my price range is $1,500 to $2,000, with the average being $1,500.

On a Saturday, my price range is $2,000 to $4,000, with the average being $2,500.

Weekdays are corporate events and those are always negotiable based on needs, so please call.  Holiday prices are higher, based on demand.

And yes, we do packages with lighting and photo booth and all the other goodies we offer, but let’s meet and make sure you like me first, then we’ll figure out a way to make it a package.  And there was much rejoicing.


Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, corporate events, team-building seminars, school & college dances, birthday parties, holiday parties, casino parties, pool parties, karaoke parties, and mock-auctions.

music library

Everything we need, all computer based.  Stuff from old to new:  50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s, top 40, country, classic rock, motown, disco, retro, alternative, latin, Jewish, big band, etc.  All top 40 selections are censored radio-edits.  For specialty events, we also offer club mixes and music videos.

professional affiliations

Founder and Past-President of the DF W chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association
Member and Former Vice President of the DFW Chapter of June Wedding, Inc.
Member of the DFW Chapter of the International Special Events Society
Member of the DFW Chapter of the National Association of Catering Executives
 Board Member and Former Vice President of the Professional Wedding Guild of Fort Worth
Member of the Texas Association of Convention Professionals
Member of the American Disc Jockey Association
Member of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce
Inaugural Graduate of Dallas Wedding Planner

video demos

Our friend Adrianne Porcelli with Turquoise Video Productions was kind enough to help us with our latest testimonials.

Brian Cdebaca of Reflections Multimedia surprised me about a month after the Davies wedding with this gem.  Although there is no soundtrack of me speaking, it is guaranteed to make you smile.  Push play at your own risk.  🙂  Please note, not all portions of a wedding are this crazy–we season to taste.



Anna Campbell with Divine Wedding Video gave me notice that we were going to appear on TLC’s Wild Weddings.  I was hesitant at first; but then remembered that we don’t do boring weddings.  They may not all be wild, but they are far from boring! This clip came out around 2006, before the “Newlywed Game” became common at wedding receptions.


Another demo showing the highlights of Bri & Vincent Chase’s wedding is here.

Another demo showing the highlights of Mary & Jason Carlson (Stagliano) is here.

Another demo showing the highlights of Liz & Richard Hardy (Lundy) is here.


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