MC/DJ Greg Michaels

About Me

“I’m Greg Michaels.  Song and dance has followed me as far back as I can remember.  When I was voted ‘most talented’ in the 8th grade I must admit I didn’t envision mc/dj/ballroom dancer, but that’s where the evolution has led.  This white boy was blessed with rhythm.  Not that that you have to be a professional dancer to be a great DJ, but for me one has always complimented the other.  Variety is the spice of life, yes?  So whether its free style hip-hop, ballroom, or C&W let’s give the crowd what they want.  Like Lady Gaga says – just dance!”


“I trained and danced with Fred Astaire Dance Studios for 4 years and studied Radio/TV/Film at the University of North Texas in the ’80’s.  I started my DJ career in Dallas area night clubs & hotels, but soon decided to go mobile.  In hind sight, I can absolutely say there’s NO substitute for experience.  Over 25 years in the entertainment business will challenge your versatility.  Events are as different as the people who have them.  It helps to be able to draw from 25-plus years of experience with private events.

Music Library

MP3.  Continually adding & upgrading via monthly subscription.  Its a life long passion to have a collection of music with which I can satisfy any request.


“I’m a positive, fun and energetic individual who believes humor is good for the soul.  I’m a giving person with a servants heart.  I’m there for you and my goal is to exceed your expectations.  The greatest reward for a job well done is having done it!”

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